Wharton Project
  • UA Meets! May 4th (4:30 PM to 5:30 PM)

    Due to the high number of questions from Upper Arlington citizens, committee members Kyle MacLaughlin and Kota Wharton have decided to hosting an open questions and answers session on Friday, May 4th from 4PM to 5PM at the Upper Arlington Main Library.

    All Upper Arlington community members are welcome to attend and ask one-on-one questions and/or  to sign the Restore Home Rule petition.

Meeting Room B is located on the lower level of the Main Library, 2800 Tremont Road. Upon entering, follow the hallway to your right until you reach the elevator and stair case. Walk down the stairs or take the elevator. Meeting Room B will be straight ahead of you when you come down the stairs and on your right if you use the elevator.



Guests are PROHIBITED from possessing any firearms or weapons at all Wharton Project hosted and affiliated events.